The Keekaroo High Chair Review.

keekaroo high chair infant insertkeekaroo high chair keekaroo high chair Yep. It’s a keeper. How can you not like something that has a name like “Keekaroo“. My in-laws were visiting and got it into their heads that we needed a high chair and pronto! Well if you insist! It took just a couple of hours of internet research before a winner started to stand out. I loved the look of the wooden high chairs especially since we have a smaller home where a big bulky traditional high chair has no place to hide. There aren’t that many options out there and some of them seem unnecessarily pricey especially since they don’t have a lot of the features that traditional plastic/metal high chairs have. The Keekaroo seemed to be feature packed as well as reasonably priced. It’s attractive as you can seem from the pictures and it has two optional wood choices as well as many color options (everything from a true pumpkin orange to a soft lilac…I went for the chocolate) for the infant inserts/kids cushions. I think I’ll break this down into a pro and cons list.

The Pros List (probably could be longer but I think you get the idea):

  • Clearly attractive in its looks.
  • Adjusts to accommodate a six-month-old baby through to a 250 lb. adult.
  • Snap on plastic tray that covers the wooden tray and is dishwasher safe.
  • Completely removable tray so the high chair can be pushed up to a tabletop.
  • Infant insert has a long lifespan (unlike so many other “infant” things) as it is intended for children 6 mo. through 3 years old.
  • Has attachable children’s cushions for children who have outgrown the infant insert.
  • My child sits comfortably and seems to enjoy his time in the chair. The chair seems to have ergonomics that are appropriate to little bodies.
  • Made from solid wood and very sturdy.
  • Keekaroo offers a 5 year warranty. Nice little safety net in case something breaks prematurely.
  • Reasonably priced at $189 with infant insert and free shipping/returns for Amazon Prime members.

The Cons List:

  • putting together keekaroo high chairAdjusting the seat and foot rest is a little time consuming as you have to loosen some screws to slide things around.
  • The straps are a 3 point harness compared to many highchairs that provide 5 point harnesses. Your baby needs to be a steady sitter to use this. In my opinion there comes a point when a 3 point harness is more practical since you don’t have to fiddle with arm straps when your baby has outgrown a true need for them.
  • Moving the tray is a two-hand job. So when you are standing there with a hungry/squirmy baby and you discover that the tray is pushed in and you can’t get your baby’s legs down in there you may begin wishing the tray had one of those handy dandy front buttons to move the tray like most other highchairs.
  • There are no wheels on this baby (that would be weird on a wooden high chair anyway) so you’ll need two hands if you need to lug it back and forth from a dining room and kitchen (also a plus though because who wants a flimsy high chair?).
  • Not a common high chair-at least not yet. You’ll be hard pressed to find a model in a store to check out so you may have to take the plunge and order one and hope you’ll like it as much as I do.
  • Overall height does not change. Our home has a counter with barstools where my husband and I eat the bulk of our meals but this high chair is standard tabletop height. Not a huge deal and obviously did not keep me from selecting it.

I went with the lighter colored wood because I have two stools with a darker wood stain that are used daily and are scratched to the high heavens. I don’t intentionally abuse my furniture but I am assuming the daily wear and tear that a high chair is bound to undergo might be unfriendly towards a darker wood finish. I’m assuming a lighter wood will hide scratches better.

Anyway, I’m totally pleased with this chair. I look forward to having its presence in my home for years to come.

Update: I have now used this chair for several months and I can tell you that I am so happy with this purchase! It still looks beautiful and functions great for our needs.

keekaroo high chair natural chocolate



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  1. omi says:

    …and you had T to help you put it together!!! Glad you like it, I think you made a good choice!

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