Earth Mama Angel Baby Product Reviews.

earth mama angel baby productsearth mama angel baby productsI became a fan of Earth Mama Angel Baby products after I picked up a chapstick of theirs from my local baby boutique. It’s just nice to be able to use a product for my kiddo (and me) that has an ingredients label listing stuff that I’ve heard of and feel comfortable having absorbed into T’s skin (and mine).


Moving on.

These are the Earth Mama Angel Baby products that I currently have and use and like and why.

1 Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash - #1 Favorite Product! This is one of my all time favorite products that I use. Pushing down the pump yields a yummy, frothy, lather-ready pile of soap lightly (and naturally) scented orange vanilla (like a heavenly creamsicle). It rinses away nicely and doesn’t seem to dry out baby skin compared with some other brands I’ve used. The only issue with using this product is that it is not tear-free so you need to exercise some caution. So far this has not been an issue when we’ve used it.

2 Angel Baby Bottom Balm2nd. Favorite Product! I actually rarely use this on T’s booty. It’s a safe, clinically tested product that can be used on any boo boo. My favorite place to use this is under T’s nose when it gets a little irritated from snotty nostrils (he doesn’t even seem to mind this since it smells amazing). This stuff is delicious. Occasionally T gets some weird little crud that accumulates in the small crevice behind his ears. This stuff makes that weird patch disappear. Anyway, I can’t speak too much to how effective it is as a diaper cream (although it has lots of great reviews as to that) but it has been a handy little player for us in the nursery. It has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties so you can use it as a general first-aid creme.

3 Angel Baby Lotion - Now that colder weather has finally encroached on southern California I’ve found myself reaching for the lotion bottle more and more. I’ve tried quite a few baby lotions and this is my favorite probably because I feel confident that it is not going to seep into T’s skin and give him cancer later on in life (do I sound paranoid?). It has that same lovely vanilla orange scent as their baby wash. It isn’t too thick which makes spreading on little limbs easy and it absorbs in an appropriate amount of time without leaving your baby feeling like a greased pig.

4 Angel Baby Oil – My mother-in-law got a bottle of this when she was at a conference on neonatal massage. That tells you how safe this product is that some hospitals use it on their preemies! I have yet to use it for its intended purpose (meaning poor T has not gotten a massage with it). I have used it for dry skin on T’s face and used it myself to check it out. It has almost no scent at all and seems like it would be just the thing for a little baby wind down massage.

5 Earth Mama Body Butter – This lotion is actually marketed to pregnant women and their need for moisterizing those growing bellies. I use it as just a regular lotion. In my opinion, “all-natural” lotions tend to have a little bit of unique smell to them. The only way I can describe it is like a slight singed smell (it must be one of the ingredients I just don’t know which one). Of course, I’ve gotten used to this and now regularly use this stuff. I try not to use traditional lotion because frankly there is just a lot of stuff on the ingredients labels that is no where in my vocabulary.

6Earth Mama Lip Balms – I’ve actually posted about these here. The lavender meringue scent is my favorite but I have also tried the coconut smoothie flavor. The lavender one just feels like a spa day on my lips. My sister tried mine and said it felt waxy to her. So maybe it isn’t for everyone? I am a fan though!

There are many other products that Earth Mama Angel Baby makes that I am interested in trying! But, alas, I try and withhold some of my consumerism or else my house will begin to appear like a baby boutique. I actually didn’t even realize how much Earth Mama Angel Baby stuff I had bought until I sat down to write this post! Their website and blog is a great resource for herbal stuff! It’s worth checking out. They also make some really cute gift sets if you are in the market for a gift for the newly pregnant or the newly born.

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