Beets and Your Baby (and Your Baby’s Poop).

peeled beets

baby eating beetsA baby who eats beets is likely to have a diaper full of what appears to be red velvet cake batter. I’m talking heart stopping, “what is that” kind of poop. Thankfully, I have had my own beet scare from my own consumption of beets and my own embarrassing visit to urgent care when I thought I quite possibly was dying. Now, instead of launching into poop panic, I calmly chuckle at the funny and potent effect this little root vegetable has. So, if it is 11pm at night and you are googling ‘red baby poop beet’ and you land on this page then I hope you will be put at ease. However, if you are googling ‘red baby poop’ and not the ‘beet’ part then you are probably better off seeking medical attention pronto.

If you are super good with your timing, you could use this funny business to play a nasty prank on an unsuspecting spouse, a helpful family member who has the kindness to change a diaper, or a babysitter. If you have an evil impish side to you that is.

Never used beets as baby food? You might want to consider it. Beets are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Pregnant or heading that way? Beets are a natural source of folate (the natural form of folic acid-an important supplement in those prenatal vitamins) which helps guard against low-birth weight and some birth defects.

beet baby foodHow to Cook Beets For Baby Food

I’ve found the easiest way for me to turn this hard root into a baby food is to peel them with a potato peeler (as seen in photo at top) and chop them into 1.5ish inch cubes. I steam them in a steam pan on the stove top. Once they’ve become easy to pierce with a fork, I allow them to cool slightly before transferring them┬áto the blender to be pulverized into a puree. Utilizing ice cube trays, I freeze them into convenient 1 oz. portions to be mixed with other fruits and veggies for a tantalizing meal. The strong color of beets will give anything they are mixed with an alluring coloration that could trick a toddler into thinking he is drinking a strawberry smoothy when he is really gulping down a pear, beet, and spinach beverage.

My Favorite Way to Cook Beets for Me

Click Here. Keep in mind beets have the potential to leave gnarly stains. I have purple blotches on my white kitchen ceiling and splotches on a white pillow case to prove it. How did I get beet on a pillow you ask? Well, I managed to get beet on the back of my sweater and then I laid down on my bed. How I got beet on my back in the first place is a mystery to me to this day.

Back to Poop

Eventually I might add a link to some beet poop pictures that will haunt my child until the end of his days. I haven’t snapped any shots of this nature-produced freak show yet. So hold tight. I’ll work on it. I mean my baby will work on it.



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