Does Mother’s Milk Tea Work?

mother's milk teamother's milk teaThe first time I drank this stuff I started laughing. I thought Traditional Medicinals Mother’s Milk tea tasted terrible-like nasty, liquid black licorice. I shelved it. Then, when I felt like my supply was running low, I pulled it back out and brewed myself some. It wasn’t so bad. Really, it is a doable taste you must acquire. Now, when I drink it I don’t even think about the taste and I drink it straight with nothing added.

But does it work?

I’ll be honest. I have never actually followed their instructions for use which includes steeping it for 10 minutes covered (too much effort most the time) and you are supposed to drink 3-5 cups a day. I typically make myself a cup before bed if I’m feeling less than juicy. I’d say about 80% of the time I’ve noticed an increase in supply by the next morning. Coincidence? Totally possible. However, I’m convinced enough to say that it sure seems to work for me. The tea contains traditional herbs that have long been held to be beneficial for a woman’s milk supply (so says the box) and if nothing else, I feel like I’m participating in some old witchy little ritual that connects me to other women in centuries past.

I have only used the Traditional Medicinals brand, which is widely available and can be picked up at Target. I’ve also used Traditional Medicinals Peppermint which was mind-blowing, amazingly strong and delicious and their Ginger-Aid, which is a digestive aid that definitely helped settle my finicky stomach back before I realized that milk (the kind from a cow) was a bad, bad thing for me.

Earth Mama Angel Baby also makes a milk tea called Organic Milkmaid Tea (and they make a No More Milk Tea as well for those who no longer need to be walking spickets; my mother’s term not my own). You can get it online of course and I have seen it at BabiesRUs as well as my favorite little baby boutique shop. Anyone have any success with this brand or know if it has the same wicked taste as Traditional Medicinals? Just curious.

My final thought as of right now is that it can’t hurt. Right? Well, unless you are pregnant. The tea is great for breastfeeding but apparently not hot for neonates so keep that in mind.


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