Apple Peel Chips Revisited (to my dismay).

baked apple peel peels chipA few weeks back, I got this terrific idea to use the discarded apple peels leftover from homemade apple sauce to make apple peel chips. My last attempt created something that looked like flat pieces of charcoal (for pictorial evidence of the horrible outcome click here). Once again, I was making T applesauce and this time I was determined not to make the same mistake. I lowered the oven temperature to 300 degrees and supervised them while they baked for 40 minutes.

They are awful.

Eating the crispy, curled “apple peel chip” is like eating a pliable toothpick. Now I know why apple chips are always made out of the fleshy part of the apple. Lesson learned. I will say that the unbaked peel still tasted good and would be a nutritious snack if you are in the mood to eat the peels off of half a dozen steamed apples (just ignore my original idea of baking them because it was clearly far from culinary genius). For the sake of format, here are the before and after shots of this last and final attempt at Merle’s Famous and Nasty Apple Peel Chips.


apple peels steamed


baked apple peel peels chip

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