An Oregon Backyard.

shovels old rusty

central oregon backyard

old metal hook door latch

oregon backyard

poke salad plant in winter

water basin as backyard decoration

iron bed as decoration in yard

grey fluffy cat in large yard

old stove black and white oven cast iron

Not just any backyard, this is my grandparent’s backyard. Set in Central Oregon, my grandparents live in a home that they constructed room by room. Their yard has been lovingly nurtured over the many years. It is also the house that my mother grew up in. It is overwhelming to attempt to capture their entire place so I settled on photographing the backyard. Their home is magical to me and I cherish all my memories of being there.

T and I took the 2 hour flight up to Seattle and then drove 6 hours with my mom to visit my grandparents (I got to see all three). It was a great trip and now I’m happy to be home and looking forward to the holidays creeping up in a week.

These photographs were captured on a typical dreary December day. Here is some more information about them:

  1. A dozen shovels line the wall along the shed near the woodpile.
  2. The view.
  3. The little latch that separates the woodpile from the rest of the yard.
  4. The sideyard features its own little rock garden of sorts.
  5. Poke Salad plant in the winter time.
  6. Old water basins adorn the side of the garage.
  7. A hanging bird house with a “flower bed” in the background, which happens to be an actual bed.
  8. My grandparent’s cat keeps watch over his kingdom. He is perched on an overturned bathtub that has been there for as long as I can remember and was once the centerpiece to several games of king of the mountain.
  9. The stove in the “shed” in the backyard.


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