My Experience Breastfeeding While Pregnant.

breastfeeding on the beachTwelve months was the minimum that I had hoped to breastfeed T when I first started breastfeeding him a few minutes after he was born. Surprise, I found out I was pregnant again when T was around the 10 month mark. I didn’t want to cut him short just because our family was growing. He is close to 14 months now and I am nearing the halfway mark of this second pregnancy and I just don’t feel like it is quite the right time to start the weaning process. Afterall, my midwife was well aware that I was still nursing and deemed it safe to continue since I was at low risk for premature labor.

1st. Trimester:

I did experience some extra tenderness. And by that I mean that I had to often shield my poor breasts from the shower nozzle because the water pressure (which is not overly impressive in our house) was too much to take. Good news, breastfeeding breasts (the areola area) don’t actually need washed after all according to several credible medical sources (look it up). I also experienced abdominal cramping similar to that which is experienced in the 1st. trimester anyway, the breastfeeding just brought it on a little extra.

2nd. Trimester:

So far so good. I did spontaneously burst into tears once when T took a particularly nasty chomp…blame that on those unstable hormones. The tenderness is much less. I have to remember to drink lots of fluid because I realize my body is under quite a bit of stress to produce and perform at the moment.

Overall so far:

I don’t regret continuing to breastfeed T regardless of being pregnant. I’m trying to take my queues from T (within reason) on when to wean and use my intuition. We don’t nurse too often as it is and the “burden” is mild. At 14 months, this kiddo is always on the go. Nursing provides us with some much needed cuddle time to connect (unless he was worn himself completely out, cuddling is rarely on his agenda). Will tandem nursing be in store for us in the future? Who knows. I’m trying to educate myself just in case it ends up becoming a reality. Some of the best resources for tandem nursing and nursing in general that I’ve found online so far are…





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