My First Etsy Sell.


felted bears koala teddy pandaI made my first Etsy sell. I was and am very excited. I’ve had a tiny little shop called MerleyBird for awhile now where I have a couple of my felted creations for sale. Having an Etsy shop allows me to continue to create while not having to worry about what I’m going to do with a surplus of felted giraffes. Of course this “creation” only occurs on those rare occasions when I get enough uninterrupted downtime…aka T is asleep and there aren’t any glaring housework situations to be taken care of.

The elephant I purchased from another wool artist on Etsy. She has more for sell here.
The elephant I purchased from another wool artist on Etsy. She has more for sell here. This is her photo also.

Curious? What is felting?

I do traditional dry needle felting. I take raw wool roving (which looks like big fluffy clouds of wool cotton balls) and manipulate the fibers with a single barbed needle until they “catch” on each other and can be formed into shapes. The best way to really see what I mean is to check out a couple of youTube videos. My curiosity was what got me started. I bought the most adorable little elephant off of Etsy for T’s nursery. I love that thing. I wanted a mobile for his room also but the cute ones on Etsy run well over $100 for what I had my eye on. So! I learned to make my own.

Why Felting?

I’ve had interest in MANY types of artsy craftsy kind of stuff over my lifespan. I like felting mainly because I am only limited by my skill and imagination when it comes to creating pieces. Plus, felting doesn’t require a lot of room and can easily be stuffed back into my plastic Sterilite storage container for another day (unlike say the spread that is necessary when doing a quilt).

mobile needle felted animals elephant giraffe
The mobile I made for T’s room. He was a wee bit younger in this picture. Sigh.


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One Response to My First Etsy Sell.

  1. Vicki Lundberg says:


    I have been meaning to email you when you posted your 1st Itsy sale and the time got away with me. I brought felting supplies, wool rounds, ribbons, thread and the necessary items to make felting easier, about a year and half ago. Of course, I do a myriad of other things, and time is always a factor, so the felting items have been sitting in a box for over a year now with total neglect of being abandoned. I am downsizing, and my quilting, sewing, embroidery, art work and of course, as always the herbs win out for my time. I would love to send you the felting supplies, rather than drop them off at Goodwill. If you want the box I will mail it to you, just send me your address.
    Let me know, my email is (removed)
    Also, congrats on new one coming. I love your site and often read it without leaving a comment.
    Aunt Vicki

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