Danger All Around.

ping pong table warning labelmushrooms in new sodIMG_8641IMG_8638IMG_8640I’ve always been a worry wart. Being a parent, however, has introduced me to this whole new world of dangers I had hardly considered. As I pull in and out of my garage the warning labels on the ping-pong table remind me of the dangers my child faces at every turn. It’s easy to laugh at the absurd little picture of children climbing on top of a folded ping pong table-that is until you have kiddos and you realize that your child will probably attempt that at one point and could have an unfortunate encounter with that smooth, unforgiving concrete garage floor. I proceeded to take T out to the backyard to play after snapping some pictures of this funky caution label and found it was easy to take some more shots along the same theme. Hidden in my beautiful new sod are these awesome (and potentially dangerous) mushrooms growing with abandon. I worry about my son getting gangrene from drinking out my dogs “licker” as we call it. Ironically, after I photograph T taking these sips from the dog “licker” he waddles over and pulls a perfect-to-choke-on sized rock out of his mouth and hands it to me. Great.

I recently got in an argument with my husband over the missing bike pump for the stroller wheels. While I’m frantically searching the house and pleading my husband to tell me if he knows of its whereabouts he tells me he doesn’t know where it is and that “your the one that let’s him play with it”. Uh, very helpful and yes, I do let him play with it. It’s unlikely to cause any bodily harm and it keeps him occupied at times and away from other things that could cause bodily harm. I help T get food and sleep and provide him with affection and (hopefully) a learning environment, but most of the time I am simply trying to keep him alive. This morning he walked around the house with a shoe lace trying to stick the plastic part into all the outlets that had their plastic protectors pulled out. He started with the bedroom outlet and as I pulled him away to stick the plastic pieces in he made a run for the kitchen and found the exposed outlets there and then the living room. Ended up being a good exercise since he seemed to have a radar beacon going for all the outlets we had been careless about leaving exposed.

I have a little mantra I tell myself sometimes at night so I can steer my brain away from its fretful nature and it is, “I choose not to worry”.  I also think about the Bible verse that refers to our inability to add a single day onto our lives by worrying and I am certain that includes adding days on to our kids lives as well. Sometimes I can’t help but dwell on the fears, but I am doing my best to keep them at bay so that I can get on and live this little thing called life.


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  1. Daniel says:

    Give mike a slap for me for his uncanny remarks! Haha.

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