#1 Tip of Cutting Baby’s Fingernails (and toes, too!).

cutting baby's nails fingernails with packaging tapebaby nail clippings It seems a simple Google search will tell you that the #1 tip for cutting a baby’s nails is to do it while they are asleep. Yep. That is definitely the way to go. I have also found that using 2 inch packaging tape is also an incredibly helpful asset! (I guess that makes it the #2 tip of cutting baby’s nails.) I wrap the tape around a couple of fingers that will be holding his hand. This does two things. 1> It catches the majority of the tiny baby nail clippings and I can use the tape to dab up the area for any that went wayward during the process. 2>It grips on to little baby’s hands and fingers so that little wiggles won’t send the fingers flying about. It’s amazing that just a little grip from the tape keeps those little guys still. It doesn’t seem to hurt/bug him at all either when I peel it away. I’m sure I’m not the first mom to think of this, nor will I be the last. But, it seems to help make my job of taming the claws a little easier. Sidenote: My husband was HORRIFIED when he clipped off the tip of my then 15ish-day-old’s right thumb. The look on his face as T shrieked was so sad. A few weeks ago, I asked if he would cut them again since he should have recovered over the last 4 months. I heard some crying and I asked how it was going. My husband said, “fine, he just started crying”. I picked up T’s hand and said, “because, you cut the tip of his left thumb”. At that point, my poor husband vowed never to cut T’s fingernails again. Poor baby, poor husband. At least each thumbprint will be equally warped. Just kidding. Baby’s skin heals quick!

I realize my son is dressed like a Christmas version of Rainbow Bright in these pictures. I have a disease. I bought three more pairs of BabyLegs Leg Warmers off of the Stealnetwork today. I think I have a dozen pairs now. I MUST stop.

baby babushka babylegs cloth diaper



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